Weight Loss

Weight Loss

As more individuals struggle with issues of weight and health, Central Family Care & Weight Loss Clinic, Janusz Mejer, M.D., director, and Counseling Center for Emotional Growth, Georgette Le Page,LCPC are working together to provide integrative services for our clients that address issues and concerns related to overeating issues.

Dr. Mejer provides a medically supervised weight loss program for his clients. He offers 4 different programs:

1: STEADY-  medically supervised diet and exercise.

2:  JUMP START-  medically supervised prescription medication dispensed in the office.

3: FAT BURN- medically supervised dietary supplement.

4:  LOOSE FAST- medically supervised meal replacement.

Ms. Le Page provides individual psychotherapy to address the underlying issues related to over- eating, including past traumas, depression, anxiety, and low-self-esteem.

With the combination of Dr. Mejer’s comprehensive weight loss program and with

Ms. Le Page’s counseling which addresses long-standing patterns of overeating,   a person can overcome self- defeating patterns and find fulfilling relationships with themselves and others.

For more information contact: http://januszmejer.com/