The Magic of Christmas

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As the festive season approaches, everyone seems to adopt the Christmas mood. From buying presents for our loved ones and sending out glittery cards to putting up the Christmas tree and wearing funny jumpers, we all love our Christmas traditions. Why do we still need Christmas and how do we keep its magic alive? Here are our thoughts:

1. Christmas – a sweet regression to the good old days

The times we were kids and we had the ability to focus on the positive, to laugh out loud and eat all the candies we wanted are brought back at the end of December. We allow ourselves again to enjoy life as it is and be grateful for what we have. We take a break from worries, we let the Christmas spirit jump in and fill our hearts and homes with love, generosity and joy. It is the season to be jolly indeed!

2. Giving from the heart

Studies show that the more we focus on spending around Christmas, the less happy we are. Being with the family and enjoying Christmas as a spiritual event rather than a consumerist one is the key to having a festive season to remember. Personalized presents, handmade and given with love, make the difference between “just excitement” and “pure happiness”.

3. Well-deserved break

Many people take days off around Christmas and spend them doing what they like most. This has a relaxing effect on their body and mind, reducing stress considerably. We live in a world where we tend to focus on being grounded, realistic and achieving material things, so focusing on the magical aspects of life, such as myths and spiritual aspects helps our psyche rebalance its energy.

4. Bringing rituals back to life

Although many westerners are no longer religious, rituals are still very important in today’s societies. We still have weddings, we still go to funerals and we definitely love Christmas do’s. From gift-wrapping to decorating our homes with hundreds of lights, from drinking mulled wine to leaving a glass of milk for Santa, each country and each family have their own traditions to go by. Why? Because rituals help us bond with others, because they reconnect us with something rooted deeply in our personal and cultural identity and, most of all, because they feel good to do. Who can say ‘no’ to that extra sweet gingerbread cookie?

5. Coming to terms with this year’s life lessons

Each year has its life lessons and now it’s the time to reflect upon them. Accepting what happened to us, forgiving others and ourselves, expressing the pain we have been through and looking for resources to move on are part of the Christmas healing. If your path hasn’t been too rough this year, think of those who haven’t been as lucky. People suffering from depression, or people who lost someone this year through a break up or death will experience Christmas as being a very difficult time, so be gentle and supportive. Giving is not only about buying the right presents, but also about being there for those who need us most.

6. Preparing to start anew

With a new year approaching, Christmas is offering us the opportunity to reflect and decide what we would like to achieve next year. Be it a career change, personal development, going back to studying or growing our family, this is the right time to start up our hope engines and dream really big. Everything starts with the courage to dream it, so allowing ourselves to envision what we want most is the first step towards getting it. Be brave this Christmas!

The CCFEG team wishes everyone a lovely festive season, full of joy, blessings and pleasant surprises. See you all in 2017!