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Georgette Le Page was interviewed for The Chronicle of Social Change’s article:

Boarding School Offers Hope to Hidden Victims of Chicago’s Gun Violence


The Counseling Center for Emotional Growth’s Director, Georgette Le Page, was the guest speaker on The Karen and Denise Show discussing the effect of media on our emotional well-being.


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“Does the Media have an Effect on a Person’s Emotional Well-Being?”

From The Karen and Denise Show (WRMN 1410am). February 4, 2010.
Broadcasted radio show with guest speaker Georgette Le Page, M. S., L.C.P.C.
Click on the audio clips below to hear the recorded broadcast.
I. Introduction

Clip 1

II. Depression and Anxiety – and the role of the Media

Clip 2

III. How did this happen? Media consumption and the potential effects on the mind.

Clip 3

IV. What can we do? part 1

Clip 4

V. What can we do? part 2 Clip 5
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