Beginning Therapy •••

Counseling session


Scheduling that first appointment can be intimidating if you’ve never received therapy before. Especially because you’re not sure exactly what to expect.  To relieve with that anxiety, here is the process of beginning therapy with the Counseling Center for Emotional Growth.


1.  Contact us

Whether by phone, email, or even Twitter, let us know that you are interested in making an appointment.  One of our therapists will return your call or email to get your basic information and schedule an initial appointment.


2.  Find your insurance card

You’ll need it at your first appointment.  We accept most insurance.  Not sure if we accept yours?  Contact us!


3.  Fill out paperwork

Like everything else medical, we need some paperwork from you.  Luckily, you don’t have to spend half your therapy session filling it out.  Just print off the five forms here, fill them out, and bring them to your first appointment. 


4.  Go to your first appointment

The first session in either the Skokie or Oak Park location will be spent gathering information about you and why you have chosen to pursue therapy.  Your therapist will want to get a clear understanding of all the pieces contributing to your difficulties.  This will include your history, what brings you to therapy, and what your goals are. 

During that time, feel free to ask as many questions as you wish about your therapist, her or his training, and therapy in general.  Choosing the right therapist is an important decision, and you want all of the information before making that decision.

Once the first session has concluded, you and your therapist can decide whether or not to schedule a second session.  If you decide to continue, your therapist may recommend appointment frequency and goals.


And, that’s it!  Ready to schedule your first appointment? 
Contact us today!